Be inspired. Live ARTS inspired.



OUR PURPOSE . . .  To advance arts education by creating scholarship and grant opportunities while uniting artists and arts organizations through annual meetings, events, and performances.

Student INSPIRE Scholarships                                                                            

Our scholarships are designed for students that are aspiring to greater arts development in their specified arts discipline through a summer camp or intensive in different areas of the arts. See our scholarship tab above for current information & downloadable scholarship applications. Our past Student INSPIRE Scholarship Recipients are also listed on the next tab.



Community ARTS Collaboration                                                                                  

We actively seek out collaborative projects to unite and partner with artists and arts organizations in our community for Arts Enrichment. We currently serve as a Community Partner with the Olathe Public Schools Development Office to bring arts education to homeless and low income families. We participate yearly in Olathe's "Back to School Event" in August for these families. Our annual "Arts Enrichment Afternoon " during parent/teacher meetings will be held during the school year to give students an arts afternoon of enrichment.

In the summer of 2016 & 2017, we partnered with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater KC-Olathe Unit, to bring arts education each week into their summer camps. We work to provide opportunities for students to learn choreography and different types of artistic areas to give them new and challenging opportunities.

Community Service ARTS Opportunities                                                                          We provide service opportunities for students using the arts to reach out in our community in inspiring creative ways. We are working to develop student intern opportunities for our annual community arts performance to give students learning opportunties in production. Applications will be posted online when available.