"I would first like to say thank you again for the opportunity to train in an art form that means so much to me. The dance intensive was a great experience. Thank you so, so, so much again! Your organization has been very generous and kind. I am so glad that I learned about AIN and wish you all the best in this last half of the summer!"

2014 Student INSPIRE Scholarship Recipient

"I attended the Houston Ballet's 6 week summer intensive program. All of the teachers were so amazing and they each brought something special to all the classes they taught. It was such an amazing experience and I feel that I really grew as a dancer, not only in my technique but in my artistry as well. I cannot thank you enough for giving me the scholarship. Without your help, I would not have been able to attend. Again, thank you very much. With Gratitude."

"I can't thank you enough for enabling me to attend the ABT Summer Dance Intensive program and to have this enriching experience. I really appreciate the scholarship and everything that you did to make it possible. Many of you understand the financial burden pursuing the arts can place on a family, and I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help in advancing my opportunities to grow as a dancer and as a person."

2015 Student INSPIRE Scholarship Recipients


*​The CLEO AWARD-Denotes Scholarships In Honor of Minnie Cleo Spiva Speak, Educator.

Note: Anna is a member of the Ballet Austin Butler Fellowship Program joining in 2016. Before joining, she had the opportunity to dance Balanchine's Serenade with Tulsa Ballet as well as perform soloist and principal roles in academy productions.



"Thank you for blessing me with this wonderful gift. I am very thankful that you chose me to be the recipient of this scholarship. Thank you so much fo rthe opportunity to be able to do what I love. I am very grateful." 

"I am very thankful for having been awarded this tuition scholarship for my summer camp expenses. MTKC is a camp that I am looking forward to and I am very excited! Thank you again for this opportunity to advance my performance career!"

"I can't thank you enough for your generous 2016 AIN Student INSPIRE Scholarship. I was very happy and appreciative to hear that I was selected. This opportunity will allow me to pursue a different dance experience and learn more about choreography and grow as a dancer. I am extremely grateful for your support and generous scholarship." 

2015 Student INSPIRE Scholarship-Member Recipient

2016 Student INSPIRE Scholarship Recipients

The 2015 Cleo Educational Scholarship Award Recipient

*In Honor of Minnie Cleo Spiva Speak


"These past few months have truly been life changing for me. I have recently changed majors to become a BSE in Speech, Communication and Theatre. This will now enable me to teach theatre, choir, speech, forensics, and debate from grades 6-12! I have always wanted to become a teacher because I truly love inspiring others to follow their dreams. I know that if I can inspire just one student to pursue a career in the arts for the rest of their lives, that would truly be the greatest satisfaction I could possibly feel. This scholarship will help make that dream a reality by providing me the tools to be the best teacher and leader. Possibly to create Broadway's next shining stars! I am so thankful for this scholarship to allow me the opportunity to help be a proud representative of the theatre community."